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Watch on the Rhine (Warner 1943 with Bette Davis, Paul Lukas)

In this well-made adaptation of Hellman's play, Bette Davis and Paul Lukas are German anti-Nazi underground leaders who flee the country, only to be hurled back into danger when suspected by Nazi agents operating in the U.S. One of the first American films to present the dangers of fascist thought, this benefits from performances by the leads. Lillian Hellman teamed with her companion Dashiell Hammett for the screen adaptation.

Golden Globe for Best Actor: Paul Lukas.

Academy Award Nominations: 4, including Best Picture; Best Screenplay.

Bette Davis as Sara Müller
Paul Lukas as Kurt Müller
Geraldine Fitzgerald as Marte Brankovic
George Coulouris as Teck Brankovic
Lucile Watson as Fanny Farrelly
Beulah Bondi as Anise
Donald Woods as David Farrelly
Henry Daniell as Phili Von Ramme
Eric Roberts as Bodo
Donald Buka as Joshua
Anthony Caruso as Italian Man
Helmut Dantine as Young Man

Director: Herman Shumlin
Producer: Hal B. Wallis
Director of Photography: Merritt Gerstad
Editor: Rudi Fehr
Composer: Max Steiner
Screenwriters: Dashiell Hammett, Lillian Hellman
Art Director: Carl Jules Weyl

USA | Warner | 114 minutes | 1943

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