Vintage Voltage: DMC DeLorean / 3 Feb 2022 Quest

DMC DeLorean:

Owner Leighton bought his DeLorean with the idea of converting it to electric – so he can drive to work in it and have the worlds’ coolest commute. A huge ‘Back to the future’ fan, he wants its under-powered petrol engine and poor handling to be transformed by a retro electric fit. But this unusual two door coupe needs a complete engineering makeover and the team have to totally restore the interior. When completed, how will this electric car perform on a daily commute and will it be the dream DeLorean which finally lives up to the film icon image?

Vintage Voltage is a series about a London based garage that turns classic petrol cars into classic EVs! Gareth Jones (presenter/classic car expert) will bring the project in and Richard Morgan and team will take these classic to a new level before Gareth hands it back to the client.

Season: 2
Episode: 2
Airdate: 3 Feb 2022
Time: 21:00
Network: Quest
Country: United Kingdom

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