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Too Late Blues (1961 with Bobby Darin, Stella Stevens)

'Ghost' Wakefield (Darin) is an idealistic jazzman who's happy to entertain the parklife and the inmates of old folks' homes and orphanages, if that's the only alternative to doing gigs at which he'd be forced to dilute the sound of his quintet. His agent (Chambers) is getting tired of his inflexibility and, frankly, you can see why.

Perhaps it's just that now all the great jazz players are dead, it's hard to identify with 'Ghost' Wakefield's neurotic ideas of artistic purity. It may be that they never made much sense. But the jumpy, freewheeling Cassavetes style - for which Darin's jazz, I suppose, is a metaphor - seems well worth fighting for.

Bobby Darin as John 'Ghost' Wakefield
Stella Stevens as Jess Polanski
Everett Chambers as Benny Flowers
Nick Dennis as Nick Bobolenos
Vince Edwards as Tommy Sheehan
Val Avery as Milt Frielobe
Marilyn Clark as Countess
James Joyce as Reno Vitelli
Rupert Crosse as Baby Jackson
Mario Gallo as Recording Engineer
Alan Hopkins as Skipper Camez
Cliff Carnell as Charlie
Richard Chambers as Pete
Seymour Cassel as Red
Allyson Ames as Billie Grey

Director: John Cassavetes

USA | 103 minutes | 1961

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