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Tony Rome (1967, Frank Sinatra, Jill St. John)

In his swinging-50s heyday, Sinatra never played by the rules - though he always knew that they were there, and that the other guys usually went along with them. In this roaring, sexed-up, violent product of 60s permissiveness, he seems an odd anachronism. But as a seedy private eye investigating a murder among the Miami millionaires, he seems to be coping with the social and sexual revolution going on around him, and perhaps - like Sid James in Carry on Camping - he thinks he might even get a piece of it. Breen's double-entendre-filled script seems to have learnt a thing or two from Talbot Rothwell, too.

Frank Sinatra as Tony Rome
Jill St. John as Ann Archer
Richard Conte as Lt. Dave Santini
Gena Rowlands as Rita Kosterman
Simon Oakland as Rudy Kosterman
Robert J. Wilke as Ralph Turpin
Sue Lyon as Diana Pines
Jeffrey Lynn as Adam Boyd
Lloyd Bochner as Vic Rood
Virginia Vincent as Sally Bullock
Joan Shawlee as Fat Candy
Richard Krisher as Donald Pines
Lloyd Gough as Jules Langley
Elisabeth Fraser as Irene (misidentified as "Irma" in credits)
Jeanne Cooper as Lorna Boyd
Shecky Greene as Catleg
Rocky Graziano as Packy
Stanley Ross as Sam Boyd
Joe E. Ross as Bartender
Deanna Lund as Georgia Mckay
Michael Romanoff as Sal

Director: Gordon Douglas

USA | 110 minutes | 1967

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