Image from the movie "The Sound Barrier"

The Sound Barrier (London Films 1952, Ralph Richardson, Ann Todd)

A wealthy oil magnate and aircraft designer teams up with his son in law, a World War II flying ace, as they attempt to break the sound barrier. But to what lengths will they go?

With a family drama and a struggle between father and daughter at its core, David Lean’s film attempts to address the human cost of progress. However, this intention is somewhat undermined by a fascination with flying machines and a flag-waving advert for Brit technology.

Ralph Richardson is great though, as the driven, misguided patriarch, and Todd matches him as the dignified daughter.

Cast:  Ralph Richardson, Ann Todd, Nigel Patrick, John Justin, Dinah Sheridan, Joseph Tomelty, Denholm Elliott, Jack Allen, Ralph Michael, Leslie Phillips

Director:  David Lean
Producer:  David Lean
Original Music Composer: Malcolm Arnold
Cinematography: Jack Hildyard Script: Terence Rattigan

Running Time: 118 minutes
Released 10 October 1952

Genres:  Drama, Romance, War
Country:  United Kingdom
Production Companies:  London Film Productions

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