The Resident: He’d Really Like to Put in a Central Line / 30 Nov 2021 FOX

He’d Really Like to Put in a Central Line:

Conrad takes Trevor under his wing to care for a patient whose good luck seems to have run out. Leela struggles when given the decision to take full responsibility of her indecisive patient’s life and The Raptor continues to try to figure out a care plan for his mother. Meanwhile, both Devon and Kit are stretched far too thin trying to balance everything on their plates.

The Resident is a powerful new medical drama focusing on the final years of a young doctor’s training that rips back the curtain to reveal the truth of what really happens, both good and bad, in hospitals across the country.

Season: 5
Episode: 9
Airdate: 30 Nov 2021
Time: 20:00
Network: FOX
Country: United States

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