The CW : Family Law episode Three’s Company

Abigail (Jewel Staite) and Daniel (Zach Smadu) represent Bailey, a soon-to-be-starving-again artist who was once the unicorn (third) in a polyamorous relationship. Bailey believes he is owed spousal support for taking care of the home while Crystal Steele (guest star Lynda Boyd), one of his former partners, built her empire as a notorious right-wing personality. Crystal will not acknowledge the relationship. And when a verbal spar prompts Abigail to behave unethically, Crystal retaliates by unleashing her alt-right trolls onto Bailey and the firm. Harry (Victor Garber)is not amused. During the crisis that ensues, Daniel regrets dumping Danielle (guest star Yvonne Chapman) and tries to reach out. And after Abby gets doxxed, Frank (guest star Luke Camilleri) and the kids are forced to stay with her at her mother’s place – prompting Frank and Abby to draw closer.

“Family Law” is starring Jewel Staite, Victor Garber), Zach Smadu, Genelle Williams, Lauren Holly.

The episode was written by Ken Craw and directed by Mathias Herndl (#107).

The CW : Family Law episode “Three’s Company” (1.07) airing on Sunday, November 13 at 8:00-9:00 PM.

Family Law centers around Abigail Bianchi, a high-paid personal-injury lawyer who’s good at blaming others – particularly when it comes to her own problems. After Abby’s husband kicks her out of the family home because of her drinking, she goes on a bender, shows up drunk in court and pukes on a client. The law society’s punishment is swift. She’s suspended, fined, and can only practice law again if she finds a senior lawyer who is willing to take her on and mentor her for a one year probationary period. Only one man is willing to take that risk: Harry Svensson, who runs the top family law practice in the city.

Produced by SEVEN24 Films and Lark Productions for Corus Entertainment’s Global (Canada), FAMILY LAW is created, written and executive produced by award-winning author Susin Nielsen. The series is executive produced by SEVEN24’s Jordy Randall and Tom Cox, and Lark’s Erin Haskett and Andy Mikita serve as executive producers. eOne holds international distribution rights to the series.

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