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The Cleaning Lady Tonight “The Ask”

Thony is determined to do everything for Luca’s illness and asks for Kamdar’s help; Arman talks to Nadia about her secret.

Tonight, the November 28 episode of “The Cleaning Lady” airs at 9PM ET on Fox. Watch episodes Hulu and Fox.com.

When whip-smart Cambodian doctor Thony De La Rosa comes to the United States for medical treatment to save her ailing son, she soon discovers her path won’t be as straightforward as she had hoped. As the system quickly fails her, pushing her into hiding, she resolves not to allow herself to be beaten down and marginalized, and becomes a cleaning lady for organized crime. Using her cunning and intelligence, Thony forges her own path in the criminal underworld, doing whatever she has to to survive.

“The Cleaning Lady” Stars Elodie Yung (Thony), Adan Canto (Arman Morales), Martha Millan (Fiona), Valentino LaSalle (Luca), Sebastian LaSalle (Luca), Oliver Hudson (Garrett Miller), Faith Bryant (Jaz), Sean Lew (Chris)

The series was developed by Miranda Kwok

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