Susan Calman’s Grand Day Out: In Belfast / 5 Nov 2021 Channel 5

In Belfast:

Susan discovers some of the most beautiful parts of Northern Ireland’s coastline, beginning in Belfast and heading to the Antrim coast, before moving inland to Lough Neagh. Along the way she meets a number of local characters, including some passionate spade makers who have turned the humble spade into an art form, and visits a place that is responsible for attracting 350,000 Game of Thrones enthusiasts to the region’s shores every year.

Susan Calman hits the road in a vintage campervan to discover some of Britain’s most scenically stunning road trips. Taking in the Lake District, Devon and Cornwall, Wales, Yorkshire, the Cotswolds and her native Scotland, Susan explores the breathtakingly beautiful, quintessentially British places and meet some amazing characters along the way.

Season: 2
Episode: 5
Airdate: 5 Nov 2021
Time: 20:00
Network: Channel 5
Country: United Kingdom