Superhero alert! Dog Squad join CBeebies: Pressparty

Join the super-skilled, big hearted team of working dogs Kika, Diesel, Meagaidh, Sylvie and Tinks as they team up and use their superpowers to complete important daily missions for their owners in this new hybrid live action and animated show, set to air on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer.

Bringing a new breed of superheroes to pre-schoolers and their families, Dog Squad is based on the real experience of assistance dog owners and follows each dog on heartwarming and funny everyday adventures.

The show is a unique way of understanding and recognising the work of Assistance Dogs, and was developed in consultation with Assistance Dogs UK, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Support Dogs, Therapet and the Search And Rescue Dog Association Scotland.

Kate Morton, Head of BBC Commissioning and Acquisitions 0-6, says: “It’s such a joy to see how these amazing dogs go about supporting their owners in everyday life. They really are Superhero Dogs!”

Jayne Austin, Producer, Hello Halo, says: “From our first conversations with the amazing Dr. Amit to our final full squad of dogs, it’s been an incredible experience working with the charities, owners and an array of amazing vocal talent to bring these dogs and their stories to life. We can’t wait for our young audience to see the results.”

Kika is a Golden Labrador. Her superhero power is Super Sight. Kika is a guide dog for Dr Amit in London, and is trained to use her eyes to help him do as many things as he can by himself. They make the BEST team!

Cocker Spaniel Diesel is a hearing dog for his owner Rayane in Buckinghamshire. Diesel is Rayane’s ears, trained to listen out for important sounds he might miss. Superhero power is Super Hearing – he can hear a pin drop!

Meagaidh is a Border Collie and a search and rescue dog who works with her owner Tom in Fort William. Her superhero power, Super Nose, sniffs out scents so they can work together and race to the rescue of people who need their help.

Newfoundland Sylvie is a big therapy dog with big soft cuddles who loves to help people when they’re worried. Her superhero power is Super Heart. Sylvie and her owner Katrina from Edinburgh visit and help all sorts of people every day, young and old.

And the smallest of the gang, Tinks, is a Lhasa Apso with big dog energy. Tinks is a disability assistance dog for her owner Charli from London, who has a condition that makes it painful for her to pick things up or to push and pull things. Tinks uses her super hero power Super Fetch skills to help Charli every day.

Together, Diesel, Kika, Sylvie, Meagaidh and Tinks are… Dog Squad!

Dog Squad is set to air on 7 November on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer.

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