RuPaul crowns the first ever Queen of The World on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Versus The World

RuPaul crowns Drag Race UK Series One’s Blu Hydrangea a winner, baby! The 26 year old Northern Irish queen is the first ever winner of the BBC Three’s brand new international series, taking the title of Queen Of The World back home to Belfast.

On being crowned, Blu Hydrangea said: “Oh mummy!! AAAAH! Northern Ireland, I’m taking the crown home, home, home, HOME! Who’d have thought it… One wee shady boy from Northern Ireland is now Queen Of The World!”

Blu Hydrangea wins an all-expenses paid trip to Hollywood to record a duet with RuPaul, a portion of the proceeds of which would be split equally between Comic Relief and Children in Need.

The series saw nine iconic queens from different franchises and cultures competing in an international arena for the first time, showcasing their country’s finest drag in their bid to become Queen of the World. After five dramatic eliminations, Baga Chipz, Blu Hydrangea, Mo Heart and Jujubee were the fabulous four left to compete in a final lip-sync smackdown for the crown.

With Baga and Blu representing Drag Race UK and Mo Heart and Jujubee representing Drag Race US, a transatlantic battle ensued.

The sixth and final episode opened with the finalists in the workroom discussing the events of the previous week, which saw Dutch queen Janey Jacké eliminated from the competition by US Queen Jujubee. Mo Heart then revealed, if she had won last week’s lip-sync instead, she would have made the same decision to send Janey home.

But it was time for a new day in the workroom. And first, on the main stage, the category was: Finest Eleganza Extravaganza. All of the international eliminated queens returned to the Main Stage to walk the world’s runway for the last time. The final four then revealed their own looks.

First, Baga’s classic homage to Elizabeth Taylor wowed the judges.

Reflecting on her time with Drag Race, Baga said: “I have done well since the first series. But for me, this is where it all started. If it wasn’t for you, Ru, I’d be in a boozer having a drink and being a joke… I just want to say thank you so much for giving me the opportunity in the first place. Everyone’s so kind to me. I love you all so much. I’m here whenever you want me.”

Michelle Visage, Graham Norton and RuPaul also loved Blu Hydrangea’s ethereal blue dress, which was adorned with a dove carrying the Irish and British flags as a tribute to both communities in Northern Ireland.

Blu said of her time on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Versus The World: “Coming back to the show… I might have had an agenda. But I didn’t expect to be this cut-throat… However I looked up this line on that first week and thought I was just a filler queen. But now, being here on this stage, it feels right. In life, if you ever feel like a filler queen, dig your feet into the ground and tell yourself you’re not going anywhere. Because you deserve to be there. And that’s what I did in this competition. I think I showed as much of Blu as I could.”

Up next, Jujubee walked the runway in a gorgeous, sparkly peplum ballgown. The judges were thrilled with her performance towards the end of the competition, with Graham Norton saying: “It’s like you suddenly were defrosted and you were back. It was electrifying.”

Jujubee said: “A few days before I stepped back on this stage, I saw a picture of my mother. This is the woman that abandoned me and my two sisters when I was 15. She looked really happy. So I was confused. And it took me these weeks to finally get to that point that I could forgive her – so I could get back here. All I could think about was being left and not having a family. But when I stood here with you and the queens, I finally felt like I was at home again. So last week, I said “Bitch, you need to come back!” That’s why I’m still here. And I’m not going anywhere.”

Then, RuPaul said Mo Heart looked like a queen in her regal silver and orange floor length gown.

Talking about how much the show means to her, Mo Heart said: “I think a lot of time I push people away because I feel like I am too much for people. I’m the only kid. My mom had to work, so I was always at home, performing for myself in her clothes. I will never forget the time that she caught me and she said I’m not raising a ******. But I will say, it was those times that prepared me for this moment. Because I can say that this time, on this series, she is proud of me. I didn’t have that the first few times. So to be here, knowing that when my mom watches this, she’ll be cheering the whole time… That means the world.”

After the runway critiques, RuPaul introduced good luck video messages from icons from across the world, including Billy Porter, Alan Carr and Naomi Campbell.

Then, heading back to the workroom, the final four were joined by the eliminated queens to catch up on all the tea from the series.

Back on the Main Stage, Elton John dialled in via video message to explain how the winner would be chosen. Elton said: “Hello queens! This bitch is back to explain the rules of the lip-sync smackdown for the crown… A spin of the wheel would determine which two queens will compete in lip-sync number one. Next, the two remaining queens will face off in lip-sync number two. Then, the two winning queens will compete in the ultimate lip-sync battle for the crown. So, good luck! And Don’t… Go Breaking My Heart.”

Lemon spun the wheel for Ru and when it stopped, it landed on Mo Heart. Mo then chose Baga Chipz as her lip-sync competition. Baga and Mo performed to Domino by Jessie J, before RuPaul declared that Mo Heart would continue to the final lip-sync for the crown.

It was Baga Chipz’s time to Sashay Away.

Baga Chipz said: “I might not have won the crown, but at least I’ve still got Princess Diana’s cheekbones. I love ya! And… Much Better!”

Then, it was time for Blu Hydrangea and Jujubee to step forward. After they delivered a showstopping lip-sync to The Reflex by Duran Duran, RuPaul announced that Blu would be the one to go forward for the final fight for the crown.

RuPaul then asked Jujubee to Sashay Away.

Jujubee said: “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am so elated. I am so grateful. Thank you for lighting yet another fire under my ass pads. My cats get the best litter because of you, Ru. I am so grateful. Thank you for asking me back.”

Finally, for the first time in Drag Race UK Herstory, Blu Hydrangea and Mo Heart were the top two queens to engage in the ultimate lip-sync smackdown for the crown. In their last chance to impress Ru and prove they are the Queen Of The World, Blu and Mo lip-synced to Supernova by the one and only Kylie Minogue. RuPaul then crowned her queen.

RuPaul said: “Ladies, I have made my decision. The time has come to crown our queen. The winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Versus The World and the first ever Queen Of The World is Blu Hydrangea.”

Blu Hydrangea was the first ever Northern Irish queen to take part in RuPaul’s Drag Race, when she made her 2019 debut on the brand new BBC Three series at 23 years old. After coming fifth in the first series, Blu has since toured the world as part of the Frock Destroyers pop group with her series one sisters Baga Chipz and Divina De Campo. On RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Versus The World, Blu consistently impressed the judges, from her fun initial variety show cheerleader routine performance, through to her show-stealing Snatch Game as Mike Myer’s Austin Powers – complete with a surprise transformation to Doctor Evil.

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