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Rooted – Tangled In The Tides – 2022-11-16 – Smithsonian Channel

Tonight, 2022-11-16,  Smithsonian Channel airs the episode Tangled In The Tides from the series Rooted.

Everything you need to know about tonight’s episode, including whether or not it’s brand new, the time, the cast, and how to watch it, is right here.

Summary for episode Tangled In The Tides

This episode is brand new.

The Tangled In The Tides episode airs on Smithsonian Channel at 20:00 ET.

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Enter the hidden worlds among the branches of five of Africa's most iconic trees. A majestic baobab uses its hollow trunk to store water in case of drought; while in Botswana, the flamboyant sausage tree seduces pollinators with its bright flowers and oversized fruit. Prepare to be startled by the incredible animal activity they inspire–some never before seen on film.