Princess Mirror-Belle returns to CBBC November 2: Pressparty

The ordinary and the extraordinary collide when CBBC’S hit drama about a young girl and her mischievous mirror image Princess Mirror-Belle returns for a new series of magical fun from Monday, November 21st.

Based on Julia Donaldson’s enchanting book series, Princess Mirror-Belle stars talented young actress Tallulah Conabeare (Peppa Pig, The Great, The Outlaws) in the title role and CBBC and Countryfile presenter Naomi Wilkinson as Aunty Pam. The new series features a special screen cameo from Julia Donaldson herself – who plays famous fictional author Genevieve Brogan – and Blue Peter presenter Mwaksy, who joins the fun with an appearance as The Ghost Train Inspector in the first episode.

One day, shy young girl Ellen is looking in the mirror when her reflection starts talking back to her, and even more surprisingly steps out of the mirror. Ellen’s mirror image is Princess Mirror-Belle, a princess from a faraway land who just loves to have fun – the louder and more chaotic the better.

Ellen and Princess Mirror-Belle may look alike but they couldn’t be more different. Imaginative, kind and a little shy, Ellen’s world is turned upside-down by adventure-loving, thrill-seeking Princess Mirror-Belle and together they leave a trail of baffled friends, family members and teachers who think they are seeing double.

This new series sees Princess Mirror-Belle lead Ellen into more magical adventures including a dizzying excursion to a theme park hall of mirrors, a visit to an Unusual Pets Club and a trip to the local hospital to mend some broken limbs as they continue their fairy-tale friendship.

In addition to playing both lead roles in Princess Mirror-Belle, twelve-year-old Tallulah Conabeare has had roles in major tv series The Great and The Outlaws. She is the voice of Peppa Pig’s Candy Cat and has worked with a host of famous talent including Anna Kendrick, Celia Imrie, Steven Merchant and Elle Fanning.

She says: “I can’t wait for everybody to see series two of Princess Mirror-Belle, it’s going to be even more fun, magical, and exciting than the first. Playing Ellen and Princess Mirror-Belle is doubly delightful, especially when you never quite know what Mirror-Belle is going to do next – I’m really proud of this new series.”

Julia Donaldson says: “It is a huge joy to see the second series of this marvellous live action adaptation of the Princess Mirror-Belle books appear on screen again. Playing the part of a children’s author in a television series based on the books that you have written is a huge thrill, and let’s face it, it was pretty easy for me to get into character”.

Princess Mirror-Belle is a BBC Studios Kids & Family Production for CBBC. All twelve episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer from Monday, November 21st.

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