Paramount+ : Star Trek: Strange New Worlds episode All Those Who Wander

The U.S.S. Enterprise crew comes face-to-face with their demons – and scary monsters too – when their landing party is stranded on a barren planet with a ravenous enemy.

Written by Davy Perez and directed by Christopher J. Byrne.


Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is based on the years Captain Christopher Pike manned the helm of the U.S.S. Enterprise. The series will feature fan favorites from season two of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One and Ethan Peck as Science Officer Spock. The series will follow Captain Pike, Science Officer Spock and Number One in the years before Captain Kirk boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise, as they explore new worlds around the galaxy.

Paramount+ : Star Trek: Strange New Worlds episode “All Those Who Wander” (1.09) that will be available on Thursday, June 30.

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