NCIS: Los Angeles – Glory of the Sea – November 13 2022 – CBS

Poster for NCIS: Los Angeles

Tonight, November 13 2022,  airs the episode Glory of the Sea from the series NCIS: Los Angeles.

Everything you need to know about tonight’s episode, including whether or not it’s brand new, the time, the cast, and how to watch it, is right here.

Summary for episode Glory of the Sea

NCIS is called to investigate after Rear Admiral Ted Gordon is abducted from his home. Also, Kensi struggles with being the fun parent while Deeks is apartment-hunting with his mom.

This episode is brand new.

The Glory of the Sea episode airs on CBS at 22:00 ET.

NCIS: Los Angeles Main Show Info

NCIS: Los Angeles is a drama about the high-stakes world of a division of NCIS that is charged with apprehending dangerous and elusive criminals that pose a threat to the nation's security. By assuming false identities and utilizing the most advanced technology, this team of highly-trained agents goes deep undercover, putting their lives on the line in the field to bring down their targets.

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