NCAA® March Madness® Live, Tri-Presented by AT&T 5G, Coca-Cola and Capital One

NCAA March Madness Live – the ultimate live streaming and second screen destination for the NCAA Men’s Tournament – will provide more ways to watch and engage with all the action from the 2022 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship this year. The updated platform experience will include the debut of a new multi-game viewing feature across select connected devices to make it easier for fans to catch every last-minute basket and wild comeback.

NCAA March Madness Live will also introduce a new interactive team management game – Starting Lineup Challenge – that will provide fans a compelling game experience that will extend well beyond when their bracket is busted (more details below). Fans can check out the new features, along with the return of the most popular elements they have come to rely on – such as the The Catch Up presented by AT&T 5G and Fast Break presented by Nissan and AT&T 5G – during the first round of the Tournament on March 17.

NCAA March Madness Live is managed by Turner Sports in partnership with the NCAA and CBS Sports and is available to download across 18 mobile and connected devices including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, Google TV and select LG Smart TV devices.

Turner Sports and CBS Sports will provide live coverage of all 67 games from the 2022 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship across four national television networks – TBS, CBS, TNT and truTV – and via NCAA March Madness Live. Additionally, Turner Sports’ Bleacher Report and CBS Sports will provide wall-to-wall coverage of the games across their respective social media platforms and apps, redirecting fans to watch games live on NCAA March Madness Live and the four networks.

Fans can also access all Tournament games via live streaming on TBS, CBS, TNT and truTV’s digital platforms, as well as participating TV provider websites and apps. The CBS telecast can be viewed via the web and on mobile devices with no authentication required and via Paramount+ on connected devices.

NCAA March Madness Live highlights include:

Starting Lineup Challenge

Starting Lineup Challenge is an innovative interactive experience, developed in partnership with SharpLink Gaming, to keep fans engaged throughout the entire Tournament. To play, fans are given a budget to pick a lineup of five teams before the start of the Tournament. Those teams then gain value by winning games and conversely stop gaining value when they lose. After every round, users can buy and sell teams to tweak their lineups or hold the teams they currently own to earn loyalty points. At the end of the Tournament, the lineup with the highest value wins.

Multi-Game Viewing

NCAA March Madness Live will debut a multi-game viewing feature for connected devices, providing fans the ability to watch up to two games at one time. Once activated, the feature provides users a live look-in to a second game without audio. Multi-game viewing is available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, and Xbox One. This feature will join the picture-in-picture option (available on mobile, desktop and tablet), which allows users to navigate through the MML app while watching a game in real-time.

Bracket Challenge

Capital One NCAA March Madness Men’s Bracket Challenge will feature intuitive integrations that will remind users of the outcomes they predicted so that they know which results to root for in anticipation of winning their Bracket Challenge.

NCAA March Madness Live will once again feature Matchup Analysis, allowing fans to choose from over 20 stats to personalize their bracket picking experience as part of Bracket IQ presented by Invesco QQQ. Fans will also gain extra insight with Path to the Championship, which lets fans calculate possible Tournament outcomes based on remaining games in the bracket, giving users a visualization of their best possible ranking. Path to the Championship will be available at the start of the Sweet Sixteen.

Fast Break presented by AT&T 5G and Nissan

The always-popular Fast Break feature will get even smarter this year with the introduction of enhanced analytics powered by Second Spectrum, part of the Genius Sports family, that will breakdown gameplay stats and augment video with graphic overlays detailing the most critical data points. This live, whip-around coverage will also offer quick turnaround highlights, real-time analysis by industry stars, social reaction and commentary for all games. Similarly, The Catch Up presented by AT&T 5G will offer fans up-to-the-minute recaps of games in session so that users can ‘catch up’ before entering to watch live in the app.

Game Center

Game Center, the central hub of NCAA March Madness Live, returns to provide all the news, highlights, and interactive content needed to augment the fan experience. Game Center will be featured on all connected devices and include Condensed Games presented by AT&T 5G to give fans the most important moments of live game action. To fuel engagement and connection with users, Game Center will feature the Madness Feed, powered by LiveLike, to offer Tournament updates, interactive polls and quizzes. The feed will be updated during the busiest rounds of the Tournament to create a unique experience alongside video viewing.

NCAA March Madness Live Sponsors

Tri-presenting sponsors for NCAA March Madness Live are NCAA Corporate Champions AT&T 5G, Capital One and Coca-Cola. On mobile, Coca-Cola, Capital One and Buick will sponsor the NCAA March Madness Live App for iOS; AT&T 5G, Capital One and Nissan will sponsor the Android app. On connected streaming devices: Capital One, Coca-Cola and POWERADE will sponsor the Roku app; AT&T 5G will serve as a sponsor for the Apple TV app; Capital One and AT&T 5G will sponsor the Amazon Fire TV app; Invesco will serve as sponsor for Google TV; and AT&T 5G, Coca-Cola and POWERADE will sponsor the Xbox app.