Milk Street Television: Taste of Vietnam / 5 Nov 2021 PBS

Taste of Vietnam:

The world of home cooking is undergoing a revolution with new tastes, flavors, techniques and influences. Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television wants to change how Americans cook by bringing home a fresher, bolder, simpler way of preparing food. Chris and his test cooks search the world over looking for the best recipes, and finding home cooks who can teach better ways to prepare a meal at home. Chris also shares tips and techniques designed to make home cooking easier, like how to make foolproof egg whites and how to season a carbon steel pan. Back in the kitchen, Chris transforms what the Milk Street Television crew has learned into practical, simple recipes for home cooks everywhere.

Season: 5
Episode: 9
Airdate: 5 Nov 2021
Time: 11:00
Network: PBS
Country: United States

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