Married at First Sight UK 2022: Meet Kasia

Kasia, 36
Businesswoman, London

Kasia left school at 16 to have her first child and says she felt that the odds were stacked against her. However, through sheer graft and determination, Kasia has not only managed to raise two children and have a successful career, but she’s also launched her own business, a successful body contouring clinic.

Now that her kids are older, she’s decided to focus on herself and (hopefully) meet a partner that she can settle down with forever. She’s a calm, focussed, and extremely driven individual who won’t let anything stand in her way until she finds the right guy.

Kasia hasn’t worked a 9-5 since 2015 and loves the freedom it brings. Her appearance is very important to Kasia, she loves makeup and making the best of herself. Despite being the boss at work, she’s after a man who can take the lead, but shares the same drive and passion that she does.

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