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Magical Girl Friendship Squad: Origins: Origin Story / Syfy Sep 26, 2020

Picture for Magical Girl Friendship Squad: Origins Origin Story

Magical Girl Friendship Squad: Origins: Origin Story

When a little red panda names Nut arrives in the apartment of two directionless twenty-somethings and gives them the magical abilities to transform into badass superheroes, Alex and Daisy are forced to get their shit together in order to save the Universe. With the help of their magical objects (Alex’s birth control and Daisy’s Tom Selleck bong), Alex and Daisy learn to fight off inter-dimensional bounty hunters and protect their mysterious panda friend who claims to be the creator of the Universe.

Season 1 Episode 1
Runtime: 15 minutes
Time: 12:55
Airdate: Sep 26, 2020
Network: Syfy




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