#LetHerFinish Channel 4 shines a light on ‘Manterruptions’ for International Women’s Day 2022

Research has revealed that men interrupt women 33% more often than when they are talking to men, so Channel 4 is boldly bringing this statistic to life on air with ‘Manterruptions’ on International Women’s Day.

Channel 4’s female continuity announcers will be interrupted on air on Tuesday 8th March to highlight the phenomenon as they are heard being unable to finish their sentences due to the channel’s male announcers repeatedly butting in. The channel will use #LetHerFinish to amplify the message across their platforms.

The idea for the ‘Manterruptions’ came about following a number of high profile examples of women being interrupted by men – including when Kamala Harris was talking to (then) Vice President Mike Pence during her campaign as the Democratic nominee for his job at the White House.

Channel 4’s ‘Manterruption’ announcements will run throughout International Women’s Day on Channel 4 and All 4. #LetHerFinish will also be used across Channel 4’s social channels, along with bespoke clips that remind viewers to ‘Let Her Finish’ in a playful and engaging way.

Amber Kirby, Channel 4’s Director of Marketing said: “This year we’ve taken an Altogether Different approach to International Women’s Day, amplifying the ‘Manterruption’ problem in a disruptive, typically Channel 4 way.”

On International Women’s Day the channel will also be highlighting its pioneering work around employee welfare, including introducing the media industry’s first ever menopause policy in 2019 as well as a Pregnancy Loss policy last year.

Channel 4 will be marking International Women’s Day across its other platforms too including its staff network 4Women, as well as 4Sales, All4 and Film4.

Channel 4’s Altogether Different brand embodies the belief that taking the alternative and making it impossible to ignore has the power to bring people together.