Junior Bake Off: Dessert Day / 13 Jan 2022 Channel 4

Dessert Day:

It’s Dessert Day, and the judges are looking for the bakers to produce the perfect finale to any meal. Liam Charles sets a fragile Technical with a fruity twist, as the bakers are asked to make a dessert shaped like a pineapple. The Showstopper sets imaginations racing as the bakers travel the Earth creating their dream holidays in cheesecake form.

A British TV baking competition series, where thirty two young bakers tackle a series of baking challenges including the art of baking cakes, biscuits, bread and pastries all competing to be crowned “Junior Bake Off Champion”. It is a spin-off from the main series The Great British Bake Off.

Season: 7
Episode: 4
Airdate: 13 Jan 2022
Time: 17:00
Network: Channel 4
Country: United Kingdom

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