Introducing New Love Island UK Contestant – Charlie Radnedge

Love Island: Charlie Radnedge
Age: 28
From: London
Occupation: Real Estate Development

Why Love Island and why now?

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity – I’ve got to give it a go. I date quite a lot in London and I’ve been single for three years, so I’m not having that much success in that department, so why not try something new.

What do you think you are going to bring to the Villa?

I am quite a different personality to the guys in there. I’d say I’m quite forward and straight talking. I’m also quite a relaxed person as well. I think I’ll bring good vibes to the Villa.

Why do you think you’re a catch?

I am probably slightly more mature than some other people in the Villa. I’ve got some things figured out. I think I’m ready to settle down, basically.

Why would you say you’re single at the moment?

Part of it is that I’m very happy on my own. I enjoy doing stuff on my own and having my own space. I don’t require someone else to make me feel happy. If I do get into a relationship I want it to be something that adds to both of our lives, rather than it being something my happiness is dependent on. I’m probably at the age where the next serious relationship, that’ll be it I reckon, so I want to be sure.

How do you think your family and friends would describe you?

Quite chilled, a good friend, quite loyal, very friendly but also can be outgoing and loud. I’m more of an introvert as a person. I spend a lot of time on my own doing stuff but I’m also social and when I see friends I’m loud – so it’s a bit of a mixture really.

If you had one chance to impress someone, what would you do?

I don’t really have tricks up my sleeve, I just hope someone gets along with me. What you see is what you get.

Are you competitive? How do you feel about treading on toes?

Yes, I’m very competitive. I would have an issue stepping on people’s toes if they’re good friends of mine. But I haven’t met anyone yet. Everyone’s there for the same reason. Even people who have good intentions and are good people would need to step on people’s toes to find what they’re looking for.

Who have you got your eye on in the Villa?

Ekin-Su, Paige and Tasha. But I’m keeping an open mind until I meet them. I might get on with someone I didn’t fancy before. I’m very much on the personality side of things and whether you vibe with someone. Ekin-Su is more towards my classic type. Paige seems like a very, very nice girl. Tasha seems like good fun as well. I find her quite intriguing – I want to find out more about her.

What gives you the ick?

If someone is a bit boring and doesn’t have much conversation going.

Do you fall in love quickly or are you a ‘slow burner’?

I’d say I do fall quickly, but I’m also good at setting the boundary – I won’t let myself go there unless I’m confident about it.


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