I Can See Your Voice series 2 host Paddy McGuinness and judges tease new round

Music mystery gameshow I Can See Your Voice returns for a brand-new series on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Hosted by Paddy McGuinness, each week, players will need to navigate their way through a series of entertaining rounds by guessing who can and can’t sing from a group of people standing before them, all without ever hearing them sing a note.

Helping the players whittle down the mystery singers for a cash prize, are celebrity investigators Jimmy Carr, Amanda Holden and the BAFTA-nominated Alison Hammond.

As the players try to work out the clues, they need to remember one simple rule. Everything the good singers say is true, and the bad singers can tell a few lies to make everyone believe they can sing.

A brilliant guest music artist will join the celebrity investigators each week and the line up includes; singing legend Lulu, Steps’ Claire Richards, Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley, The X Factor winner and West End star Alexandra Burke, Erasure’s Andy Bell, BRIT award-winner Becky Hill, Blue’s Simon Webbe and West End and TV star Layton Williams.

At the end of each show, the guest music star could end up duetting with a terrible singer, resulting in a highly entertaining and unique performance.

I Can See Your Voice is the perfect Saturday night TV and the ultimate play along game for the whole family. It’s the show that proves when it comes to singing talent, what you see isn’t always what you get!

The Format

• Round 1 – Lip Sync
The six mystery singers are met for the first time and each take to the stage individually to mime to a song. The good singers will lip sync to their own voice. The bad singers will lip sync to someone else’s lovely voice.

• Round 2 – Unlock My Life
The players must choose two singers that they want to find out more about. For each singer chosen, a profile video containing clues is shown. Whether good or bad singers, all photos shown are real photos. As before, everything the good singers say is true. The bad singers will be telling a few lies to make everyone believe they can sing.

• Round 3 – Home Truths
The players must choose to look further into the life of one of the remaining mystery singers to find out more clues. The players can choose to see one Home Truths VT, but they must then eliminate two singers based on everything they have learned so far.

• Round 4 – Interrogation
The players must choose one singer to interrogate. The players have 30 seconds to interrogate the singer. On the screen in front of the players is a list of 15 questions. The players can ask any of the 15 questions within the 30 second time limit. As with previous rounds, the bad singers can tell a few fibs to make everyone believe they can sing.

• The Duet
The last singer standing will perform a duet with the guest music star. If they are a good singer the players will win £10,000, but if they are bad, the bad singer will have fooled everyone and will steal the money.

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