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Home Economics – Wheel of Vegan Brie, $24 – 2022-11-16 – ABC

Tonight, 2022-11-16,  ABC airs the episode Wheel of Vegan Brie, $24 from the series Home Economics.

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Summary for episode Wheel of Vegan Brie, $24

It's Thanksgiving at the Hayworths, though this year feels a bit different with one extra chair at the table. While Tom, Sarah and Connor wrestle with their conflicting emotions, Marina and Denise see this new addition to the family, guest star Casey Wilson, as a potential chance to gain a new "normal." 

This episode is brand new.

The Wheel of Vegan Brie, $24 episode airs on ABC at 21:31 ET.

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Home Economics looks at the relationship between three adult siblings: one in the 1 percent, one middle-class, and one barely holding on.