Happily Wherever

Happily Wherever: City Comfort or Suburban Serenity? / 10 Jun 2021 HGTV

City Comfort or Suburban Serenity?:

Two newlyweds want to start a family, but they wonder if their current home in bustling Atlanta is the right place to do it. They compare life in the city to the suburbs by exploring their ultimate dream home options in Atlanta, Orlando and Knoxville.

HGTV tells the story of couples whose ability to work remotely has opened up a new world of living locations. They will explore what their budget can buy in their current city compared to two smaller markets in vastly different parts of the country. Once all the cards are on the table, the couple will make the ultimate choice to stay put or take a chance on the adventure of starting a new life in a different town.

Season: 1
Episode: 6
Airdate: 10 Jun 2021
Time: 11:00
Network: HGTV
Country: United States

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