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Fancy Pants (1950)

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Fancy Pants (1950)

Amusing remake of Ruggles of Red Gap, with Bob Hope as the actor pretending to be an English butler who is hired by Floud to teach her daughter some manners. However, his well-bred Englishman is so convincing that he is mistaken for an Earl, even attracting the attention of President Roosevelt.

A gentle comedy, not always successful in stringing a coherent plot together, but Hope is a charmer, and there are enough laughs to make this well worth a look.

Cast:  Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Bruce Cabot, Jack Kirkwood, Lea Penman, Hugh French, Eric Blore, Joseph Vitale, John Alexander, Norma Varden, Virginia Keiley, Colin Keith-Johnston, Joe Wong, Ida Moore, Oliver Blake, Percy Helton, Edgar Dearing

Director:  George Marshall
Producer:  Robert L. Welch
Original Music Composer: Van Cleave
Cinematography: Charles Lang Running Time: 92 minutes
Released 19 July 1950

Genres:  Music, Comedy, Western
Country:  United States of America
Production Companies:  Paramount

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