Explosive Shetland – is this the end for Tosh?

The team’s investigation saw them uncover details of missing boy Connor’s (Nicholas Nunn) ‘safe place’, a caravan in a remote spot on the Shetland mainland. However, this breakthrough in the case led Tosh towards grave danger.

Believing she might find Connor or evidence of where he’s gone, Tosh entered the caravan where she uncovered strange drawings and nautical charts. Tosh called Perez (Douglas Henshall) to tell him what she’s uncovered but just then noticed large chemical drums, wires and a timer counting down.

Realising it was set to explode, Tosh franticially tried to escape the locked caravan, whilst a stunned Perez and Sandy (Steven Robertson) could only listen on helplessly as the caravan burst into a ball of flames. Is this the end for Tosh?

Shetland returns next Wednesday (31 August) at 9pm on BBC One, BBC iPlayer and BBC Scotland.

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