Engineering Catastrophes: Genoa Bridge of Tragedy / 12 Jan 2022 Science

Genoa Bridge of Tragedy:

The Genoa bridge collapse takes down a symbolic crossing and becomes one of Italy’s deadliest engineering disasters; experts investigate and uncover years of slow deterioration to the structure’s heavily corroded concrete-encased cables.

Engineering Catastrophes will profile, investigate, analyze, and find solutions for the world’s most unbelievable engineering gaffes. From the hilarious to the mind-boggling, from the deadly to the bank-busting, this series showcases some of the most outrageous structural disasters and the genius resolutions to get things back on track. Blunders explored this season include a waterfront building in England that has created a wind tunnel so strong, pedestrians have been blown over; the Carrier Dome in snowy Syracuse that has a soft top roof requiring workers to climb atop with hot water hoses to prevent collapse every time snow falls; a Brazilian highway that is so close to tall buildings that neighborhood residents are concerned about hearing loss.

Season: 5
Episode: 8
Airdate: 12 Jan 2022
Time: 21:00
Network: Science
Country: United States