E! Takes the Stage with the Premiere of “Raising a F***ing Star”

From the runway to the music studio, E! reveals an inside look behind the curtain in the rise to fame in “Raising a F***ing Star,” premiering Wednesday, Sept. 7 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT. The docuseries follows four families around the country with bigger-than-life parents and their budding stars. With the rise of social media, fame is more accessible than ever, but the competition is steeper. These stage parents will stop at nothing to make their kids the next generation’s biggest name.



In Orange County, Calif., sisters Chacha (10) and Kennie (15) are pursuing fame in the entertainment industry with the help of their momager Sam and dad Phil. As the household CEO, event planner and manager, Sam is a former competitive dancer who gave up her dancing career and has now put all her dreams into her children. Sam manages their daughters’ industry careers and social media presence, garnering an impressive following from their skills in acting, dancing, modeling and singing. When younger Chacha, who is in her “golden year” as a child performer, begins to secure more opportunities than her older sister, including a music video and appearance on “Access Hollywood,” Sam is put in a tough position in giving her children equal attention as not just a mother, but as a manager.


A mother to four, Kia Brooks is the momager and glue that keeps her family together. In addition to her work as an entrepreneur in Atlanta, Kia manages basketball and hip-hop’s next big star, her 17-year-old daughter, Flau’Jae Johnson. Born into the rap game, Flau’Jae is looking to carry the legacy of her late father, rapper Camoflauge. Her talent doesn’t stop behind the mic, though, as she’s also a stellar basketball player attending LSU in the fall. Kia’s eldest son, Tray, is also looking to break out in the music industry but feels his mom is too dedicated to Flau’Jae’s career to help manage his. With a deal from a record label on the table for Flau’Jae and a disagreement with Tray, Kia and her children must learn to not let business interfere with the family.


College sweethearts from Kentucky, Cool Benson and Kelly Dedman are raising daughter Daelyanna in Los Angeles with the hopes of her becoming the next household name. At 10 years old, Daelyanna is already a triple-threat actor-singer-dancer with experience working in theater productions and films. As “dadager,” Cool, a former national cheerleader and performer, wants to give Daelyanna all the encouragement to pursue her dreams that he didn’t receive as a child. However, as the father-daughter duo work on projects together, Cool must find the balance between being a manager and being a parent, as well as learn to share the spotlight.


Born and raised in California, 18-year-old Breanna is a girl next door and supermodel in the making. Growing up behind the gates in Calabasas, Breanna has the guidance and support of her mother, Jessica. A former model that began working at the age of 16, momager Jessica left behind her career in the Philippines and moved to the States to become a full-time mom. Seeing her own story in her daughter, Jessica is determined to guide Breanna toward a successful and lucrative modeling career. With opportunities beginning to line up, Jessica tries to steer her daughter in the right direction as her lack of enthusiasm and blasé attitude may hold her back from reaching the next level. When a difficult situation forces the family to overcome drastic life changes, the family must work harder than before to support one another.

“Raising A F***ing Star” is produced by World of Wonder with Randy Barbato, Fenton Bailey, Tom Campbell, Darren Ward, Adam Karpel and Shannon Wilson serving as executive producers.

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