Doctor Who: The Time of Angels (1) (Season 5 Episode 4)

A crashed spaceship, a shattered temple and a terrifying climb through the maze of the dead – River Song is back in the Doctor's life, and she's brought more trouble than even he can handle. The last of the weeping Angels is loose in the ruins of Alfava Metraxis, and the Doctor is recruited to track it down. "Don't blink!" everyone tells Amy – but Amy is about to discover, not blinking might just be the worst thing you can do…

Iain Glen Octavian
Caroline Royce Weeping Angel
Mark Springer Christian
David Atkins Bob
Darren Morfitt Marco
Simon Dutton Alistair

Director Adam Smith
Writer Steven Moffat

Series: Doctor Who Season 5 Episode 4
Original Airdate: 2010-04-24

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