Dateline NBC “The Last Walk” December 9 2022

Teens like to test their independence. When their parents tell them no, they can figure out a way to make it happen anyway. The lure of spring break was strong for Brittanee. Fun in the sun at Myrtle Beach was calling. Her parents said no, she made up a store and they bought it. Most times, that kind of thing works. At worst, her parents would find out and be angry when she came back home. But this wasnt most times, because Brittanee Drexel never came home.

Tonight, the December 9 “Dateline NBC” episode airs at 9PM ET/8PM CT. Keith Morrison reports from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on the disappearance of Brittanee Drexel when she doesnt return from a spring break trip. Watch episodes at NBC and Peacock. For more Dateline, check out the official podcast. This episode will be available next-day on Peacock.

Dateline NBC is the longest-running series in NBC primetime history and is now in its 30th season.

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