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Darling (1965 with Julie Christie, Dirk Bogarde)

 Darling 1965 Julie Christie

A slick, stylish, and cynical drama about an ambitious London model who succeeds socially by having a series of affairs. Quite a perceptive and honest approach to the changing morality of the 1960s, graced with the brilliant performance of Christie, the efficient direction of John Schlesinger, and plenty of smart dialogue. Also with Laurence Harvey and Alex Scott.

Academy Awards - Christie, best actress; Frederic Raphael, best story and screenplay written directly for the screen. Nominations - best picture; Schlesinger, best director.

Laurence Harvey as Miles Brand
Dirk Bogarde as Robert Gold
Julie Christie as Diana Scott
José Luis de Villalonga as Cesare Della Romita
Roland Curram as Malcolm
Basil Henson as Alec Prosser-Jones
Helen Lindsay as Felicity Prosser-Jones
Carlo Palmucci as Curzio Della Romita
Dante Posani as Gino
Umberto Raho as Signor Palucci
Marika Rivera as Paris Party Host
Alex Scott as Sean Martin
Ernest Walder as Kurt
Brian Wilde as Basil Willett
Pauline Yates as Estelle Gold
Peter Bayliss as Lord Alex Grant
Richard Bidlake as Rupert Crabtree
T.R. Bowen as Tony Bridges
Annette Carell as Billie Castiglione
Jean Claudio as Raoul Maxim
Georgina Cookson as Carlotta Hale
James Cossins as Mr. Basildon
Jane Downs as Julie
Lucille Soong as Allie (uncredited)
David Harrison as Charles Glass (uncredited)
Sidonie Bond as Gillian (uncredited)
Margaret Gordon as Helen Dawlish (uncredited)
Angus MacKay as Ivor Dawlish (uncredited)
Jane Pearl as Jane (uncredited)
Lydia Sherwood as Lady Brentwood (uncredited)
Irene Richmond as Mrs. Glass (uncredited)
Ann Firbank as Sybil Martin (uncredited)
Hugo Dyson as Walter Southgate (uncredited)
Tyler Butterworth as William Prosser-Jones (uncredited)
Christopher Greatorex as Art Critic (uncredited)
Vernon Dobtcheff as Art Critic (uncredited)
Hyma Beckley as Art Gallery Visitor (uncredited)
John Schlesinger as Audition Director (uncredited)
Nicholas Wright as Billboard Installer (uncredited)
Silvia Dionisio as Cesare's Daughter (uncredited)
Victor Harrington as Charity Draw Assistant (uncredited)
Pauline Chamberlain as Charity Draw Participant (uncredited)
John Woodvine as Customs Officer (uncredited)
Helen Stirling as Governess (uncredited)
Ernest Blyth as Man at Airport (uncredited)
John Tatum as Man at Station (uncredited)
George Holdcroft as Man on Escalator (uncredited)
Ian Selby as Model Agency Staff Member (uncredited)
Derek Aylward as Party Guest (uncredited)
Roy Lansford as Party Guest (uncredited)
Zakes Mokae as Party Guest (uncredited)
Noel Davis as Shop Assistant (uncredited)
Aileen Lewis as Shop Customer (uncredited)
Lewis Alexander as Shop Customer (uncredited)

Director: John Schlesinger
Producer: Joseph Janni
Script: Frederic Raphael
Cinematography: Kenneth Higgins
Editing: Jim Clark
Art Direction: Ray Simm
Costume Design: Julie Harris
Makeup Department: Joyce James and Bob Lawrance
Sound Department: John Aldred, Malcolm Cooke and Peter Handford
Original music: John Dankworth

UK | 122 minutes | 1965

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