Craig Charles: UFO Conspiracies

Craig Charles: UFO Conspiracies: Ireland / 18 Jan 2022 Sky History


Craig and space journalist Sarah Cruddas scrutinise an astonishing case that took place in November 2018 off the west coast of Ireland, in which multiple pilots saw bizarre lights through their cockpit windows. Ted Roe, Director of Research at the National Aviation Reporting Centre shares extraordinary insights into the sighting, while an ex-Nato air traffic controller – under the cover of anonymity – acts as a whistle-blower, spilling more secrets of the sky and the shocking lengths that governments are prepared to go to hide the truth.

Craig Charles: UFO Conspiracies follows sci-fi favourite and long-time UFO enthusiast Craig and astrophysicist Sarah as they scrutinise compelling evidence relating to some of the most perplexing UFO encounters of recent years, revealing never before heard testimony to separate fact from fiction and ask: are the unexplained aerial phenomena prowling our skies extra-terrestrial?

Season: 1
Episode: 2
Airdate: 18 Jan 2022
Time: 21:00
Network: Sky History
Country: United Kingdom

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