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Chase a Crooked Shadow (1958, Richard Todd, Anne Baxter)

If Hitchcock had been a B-movie director, the result might have looked something like this. The plot is certainly worthy of the master, but for all its twist-laden excitement, it lacks the spark of classic thriller material.

Richard Todd stars as the supposedly dead man who returns to the family fold to collect his inheritance, much to the shock of his sister (Anne Baxter) who begins to wonder whether her long-departed sibling’s sudden appearance is just a figment of her imagination. It’s a routine plot, but done well, with just enough surprising moments and decent acting to scrape by.

Cast:  Richard Todd, Anne Baxter, Herbert Lom, Faith Brook, Alan Tilvern, Alexander Knox, Thelma D’Aguiar

Director:  Michael Anderson
Producer:  Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Original Music Composer: Matyas Seiber
Cinematography: Erwin Hillier Running Time: 87 minutes
Released 21 January 1958

Genres:  Mystery, Drama
Country:  United Kingdom
Production Companies:  Associated Dragon

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