CBS : FBI: International episode Money Is Meaningless

The Fly Team is off to Mallorca when an American is found brutally murdered on the estate of her powerful father-in-law.

Guest Cast are Krizia Bajos (Chief Inspector Gutiérrez), Michael Benjamin Hernandez (Brian Clarke), Ido Samuel (Levy Sofer), Eyas Younis (Ronen Sofer), Matt Whitchurch (Quinns), Federico Trujillo (Arturo), Chiara Lari (Lizzy), Asher Miles Fallica (Zsolt), Dóra Kakasy (Dóra), Miranda Wilson (Erin Potter), Noel White (Richard Potter), Diego López García (Bodyguard), Cara Nikita Schiller (Emelia Sofer).

This episode is written by Wade McIntyre and directed by Jonathan Brown.


In FBI: International, Headquartered in Budapest, they travel the world with the mission of tracking and neutralizing threats against American citizens wherever they may be. Not allowed to carry guns, the Fly Team relies on intelligence, quick thinking and pure brawn as they put their lives on the line to protect the U.S. and its people.

CBS Entertainment : FBI: International episode “Money Is Meaningless” (2.03) airing on Tuesday, October 4 at 9:00-10:00 PM.

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