CBS : FBI: International episode Black Penguin

The Fly Team and Jaeger head to Berlin when the 19-year-old son of an American billionaire is found unresponsive in his apartment. As the team works to determine if foul play was involved, they realize there’s a shadowy group on the case as wel.

“FBI: International” is starring Luke Kleintank (Special Agent Scott Forrester), Heida Reed (Special Agent Jamie Kellett), Carter Redwood (Special Agent Andre Raines), Vinessa Vidotto (Special Agent Cameron Vo), Christiane Paul (Europol Agent Katrin Jaeger).

Guest Cast are William Ludwig (Willem Smit), Matt Corboy (Gabriel Watts), Nicole Forester (Marian Watts), T.J. Ramini (Troy Levinson), Chris Rogers (Inspector Philip Honsel), Diedrie Henry (Amy Schwartz), Carlotta Banat (Tanja Kessler), Milo Callaghan (Julian Watts), Raphael Zari (Finn Schulz), Damian Schedler Cruz (Noah Bergen), Annabelle Mandeng (Ilsa Meier), Marcus Ho (Frank Delillo).

This episode is written by Roxanne Paredes and directed by Milan Cheylov.


CBS Entertainment : FBI: International episode “Black Penguin” (1.20) airing on Tuesday, May 17 at 9:00-10:00 PM.

FBI: International is produced by Wolf Entertainment and Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group, in association with CBS Studios with executive producers Dick Wolf, Derek Haas, Matt Olmstead, Michael Katleman, Arthur Forney and Peter Jankowski.

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