CBS : East New York episode Court on the Street

When a child goes missing, Haywood encourages Yenko to use his connection to a witness in the race to locate the young boy. Also, Chief Suarez lands in hot water after an arrest goes viral, and Sandeford unexpectedly crosses paths with an ex-girlfriend while on the job.

Recurring Cast are C.S. Lee (Sgt. Jimmy Kee), Darien Sills-Evans (Raymond O. Sharpe).

Guest Cast are Luna Lauren Velez (Tamika Martin), Skye P. Marshall (Nadia Nye), Ben Michael Brown (Officer Matthew Lyle), Elizabeth Singh (Officer Leila Aziz), Stephen Plunkett (Detective Desmond Troy), Dimitri Spiridakis (Henry Barnett), Rose Bianco (Rosa Suarez), Paul R. Williams III (James Truman), Jacqueline O. Rene (Lena Truman), Carter Harris (Isaac Truman), Gregory Jones (Chief of Patrol Al Padaro), Max Gordon Moore (Seth Tolchin), Joe Osheroff (Jay Parcell), DonClark Williams (Judge Mark Schwatka), Greg Prosser (Ronald Kolodny), Tom DiNardo (Chester Pruitt), Sara Kerr (May), Hannah D. Scott (Vienna), Brian Adam DeJesus (Richie), Erik J. Cornelius (Lloyd Turner), Marlon Fernandez (Mr. Polski).

This episode is written by Patrick Coker & Adam Wiesen and directed by Mo McRae.


CBS Entertainment : East New York episode “Court on the Street” (1.06) airing on Sunday, October 30 at 9:30-10:30 PM.

East New York is produced by Warner Bros. Television. William Finkelstein, Mike Flynn, Michael M. Robin, Christine Holder and Mark Holder are executive producers. Andrew Maher is a co-executive producer.

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