Catchpoint: Episode 4 / 20 Feb 2021 BBC One

Episode 4:

The gloves are off as England goalkeepers David James and Siobhan Chamberlain take on rugby union legend James Haskell and fitness coach Chloe Madeley, all aiming to win money for charity. Join Paddy McGuinness to see which team scores the catch of the day!

Catchpoint is a physical game show where two teams of two compete to win a cash prize by answering questions and catching balls! The game is centred around ten giant screens that display pictures as answers to questions. A ball falls from above the correct answer screen and if the contestant stands in the right place and catches the ball they bank money. The team that banks the most cash by the end of the third round gets to play one final question to win ten thousand pounds.

Season: 3
Episode: 4
Airdate: 20 Feb 2021
Time: 18:10
Network: BBC One
Country: United Kingdom

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