Call for evidence extended in Tim Westwood review

The independent reviewer appointed to examine what was known about concerns about Tim Westwood’s conduct during his time at the BBC has extended the call for evidence.

Gemma White KC was appointed by the BBC in August, following an expedited internal review into allegations against the DJ.

A call for evidence was published last month and the barrister has now confirmed this will remain open until Friday 2 December.

The BBC has also appointed Jahnine Davis, an independent safeguarding expert, to assist with the review as it continues.

Gemma White KC says: “It has been just over a month since the BBC published my call for evidence for the review and I want to thank everyone who has come forward with information.

“Some of you have told me how difficult it has been for you to take the decision to contact me. I understand that speaking about sensitive matters can be painful and there are many things that you have needed to consider before doing so.

“Others who have written or spoken to me have wondered whether the information they have to contribute is relevant, or sufficiently important – and my answer to that is, simply, yes. I have been, and remain, keen to hear from everyone who has anything to say to me. It is important to me that I hear from everyone who wishes to speak and I have therefore decided to extend the period for people to get in touch.

“As part of this process, I am pleased to say the BBC has appointed an independent safeguarding expert at my request, to assist me with aspects of the review. Jahnine Davis is a respected and experienced expert in her field and she is available to join me for conversations or meetings.

“To anyone who sees this who may have something to share, please feel free to contact me directly and if you would like Jahnine to be involved, please just let me know. If you have any questions, please ask them. And if you have any concerns about providing information, please let me know what they are. I understand that revisiting experiences can be very difficult and want to do all I can to make the process as comfortable for you as possible.”

Further information about the review including terms of reference, frequently asked questions and privacy notices can be found here.

Gemma White can be contacted directly at

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