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BBC’s Digging For Britain to reveal extraordinary Roman mosaic in new series


BBC’s Digging For Britain to reveal extraordinary Roman mosaic in new series

Digging For Britain with Professor Alice Roberts is set to return in early 2022 to BBC Two and iPlayer. Now in its 9th series, Alice is joined by a new team of experts who will help to dig deeper in a bid to reveal the story behind the finds. The most exciting finds are brought into Alice’s new Digging Tent for further investigation and analysis to give insight into discoveries that span over 10,000 years of British history.

Every year, hundreds of archaeological digs from across the British Isles find clues that add to the great historical jigsaw of Britain’s story and our ancestors’ lives. In this series, archaeologists across the country have been given Dig Diary cameras to record their extraordinary discoveries as they happen, and Alice joins them on some of the most spectacular digs. From Neolithic hand axes to World War II fighter planes, elaborate Roman keys to Saxon swords, the rich history of the UK is revealed and examined like never before.

Highlights from this bumper series include the ‘once in a lifetime’ find of Roman statues buried deep beneath the Norman Church of St. Mary’s in Stoke Mandeville; a 4,000-year-old Bronze Age wooden coffin found underneath a Yorkshire golf course; and the Roman mosaic and surrounding villa found in a field in Rutland, described by archaeologists on site as the most important mosaic discovered in the last 100 years.

Professor, Alice Roberts says: “What I love about Digging for Britain is that, when we set out to film the series, we have no idea what discoveries might come to light. This year, the revelations have been nothing short of spectacular, and each find brings us closer to understanding the lives of people who once lived in Britain. Archaeology brings you into intimate contact with the physical reality of the past.”

Executive Producer for Rare TV, Rory Wheeler says: “This series is bigger and better than ever with Alice Roberts on site to witness first- hand the important archaeological discoveries made in Britain last year.”

Simon Young, BBC Commissioning Editor says: “We’re incredibly proud of this series, which champions the tireless work of hundreds of archaeologists as they add new details to the rich history of Britain. If nothing else, Digging for Britain’s 9th series is living proof that an almost inexhaustible collection of archaeological treasure lies hidden beneath our feet.”

Digging For Britain (6 x 60) is produced by Rare TV for BBC Two. It was commissioned by Patrick Holland, Director of Factual and Arts and Clare Sillery, Head of Commissioning, Documentaries, History and Religion. The Commissioning Editor is Simon Young and the Executive Producer for Rare TV is Rory Wheeler.

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