BBC Two”s The Witchfinder

This brand new comedy from the writers of Alan Partridge sees a failing witchfinder (Tim Key) transporting a suspected witch (Daisy May Cooper) across 1640s East Anglia to a trial that could change his fortunes forever. But his captive is the worst possible travel companion: an inquisitive, uncouth woman whose ability to prick his pomposity and ask uncomfortable questions turns a straightforward journey into a life-changing ordeal.

The Witchfinder is a Baby Cow production for BBC Two, written and directed by Neil and Rob Gibbons (This Time with Alan Partridge, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, Mid Morning Matters, Veep). The show is being internationally distributed by BBC Studios. The producer is Joe Fraser, and the executive producers are Dave Lambert, Rupert Majendie and Sarah Monteith. The commissioning editor for the BBC is Tanya Qureshi.

The Witchfinder (6 x 30’) will launch on BBC Two and as a boxset on BBC iPlayer on 8 March at 10pm.