ABC News’ ‘GMA3: What You Need To Know’ and ‘This Week’ Travel to Battleground States

With less than 20 days until the midterm elections, “GMA3: What You Need to Know” is teaming up with “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” to bring viewers directly to key battleground states that will decide control of Congress. Both programs will feature interviews with midterm candidates, political stakeholders and voters to highlight the impact of this year’s midterm elections.

“One of the most important responsibilities we have is to engage directly with voters to understand the issues driving Americans and put their questions to those seeking office,” said Dax Tejera, executive producer of “This Week.” “Our show is distinguished by that commitment, and we’re thrilled to partner with ‘GMA3’ as our ABC teams travel across the country.”

“GMA3 is built around what the audience needs to know, and our political coverage these next few weeks is designed with the viewer in mind,” said Catherine McKenzie, executive producer of “GMA3.” “The 2022 midterms are the most consequential in a generation, and we’re committed to making sense of the issues and stakes at play and hearing from voters what means the most to them.”

“GMA3: What You Need to Know” travels to Phoenix this Friday, Oct. 21, with co-anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach anchoring from Arizona State University. “GMA3” will feature interviews with both Arizona gubernatorial candidates, Democrat Katie Hobbs and Republican Kari Lake. Senior Washington reporter Devin Dwyer looks at the new demographic of naturalized citizens within Arizona and how they could impact the midterm elections. “Good Morning America” and “World News Tonight” weekend anchor and correspondent Whit Johnson will sit down with female voters to discuss what’s driving them to the polls.

“This Week” continues the coverage from Arizona on Sunday, Oct. 23, with co-anchor and chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl. Karl will have an in-depth report on the political dynamics playing out in the state and the new brand of Republicans seeking elected office. The show will also release a brand new ABC News-Ipsos poll, highlighting key voter sentiments just 19 days before the midterms. The powerhouse roundtable will be live in Phoenix, featuring former DNC chair and ABC News contributor Donna Brazile, former chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence Marc Short, and co-author of POLITICO Playbook and “Unchecked: The Untold Story Behind Congress’s Botched Impeachments of Donald Trump” Rachael Bade.

ABC News political director Rick Klein brings the “Midterm Monitor” to both shows, analyzing FiveThirtyEight’s latest Senate and House forecasts.

The special editions of “GMA3” and “This Week” are executive produced by Catherine McKenzie and Dax Tejera, respectively.

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